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Monitoring sulfuric acid concentration online

In various industries, monitoring sulfuric acid and oleum concentration is vital for a preventive quality management, sustainable resource efficiency and increased safety. Additionally, a need for high accuracy and long-term stability in measurements places great demands on the analytics. For the concentration determination, sonic velocity meters have proven to be ideal, as sonic velocity forms a strong and unambiguous function to the concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum in the production-relevant concentration ranges.

With the LiquiSonic® analyzer by SensoTech, the concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum is continuously monitored in real time using just one single sonic velocity sensor that is installed directly in the pipe. The robust construction and Hastelloy C-2000 as sensor material make the sensor completely maintenance-free. Due to the chemical and physical properties of sulfuric acid and oleum the LiquiSonic® technology provides highly accurate and clear results. The measurement accuracy is up to ± 0.03 m% and the results are updated every second. The LiquiSonic® controller displays and stores the real-time information. Via 4-20 mA signal, digital outputs, serial interfaces, fieldbus or Ethernet, the controller can be integrated into the network and control system.

The analyzer monitors the acid concentration, for example, in processes of sulfuric acid production, including the double contact double absorption (DCDA) process and the wet sulfuric acid (WSA) process. Moreover, LiquiSonic® analyzers are used in synthesis gas drying, fertilizer production, decomposing ore mining or in etching and pickling baths of the chemical and steel industry.